About the Authors

Economics of Modern Family is the work of Jadrian Wooten from Penn State University, Kalina Staub from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Susan Reilly from Florida State College at Jacksonville.  The project is an independent endeavor and unassociated with our host institutions.

Jadrian and Kalina teach upper level field courses in labor economics and/or gender economics and found that many of the clips available on other sites missed a lot of topics that were covered in the field specific courses. Susan, along with Jadrian and Kalina, found that the videos available for macroeconomics missed important components of the family interaction that nearly all students will experience after leaving college. We started this project to add beneficial resources for these upper-level field courses and to increase the resources available for teaching principles courses.

Modern Family’s pilot episode aired on September 23, 2009 and has routinely been nominated for a Primetime Emmy for Best Comedy Series and won five consecutive times from 2010 to 2014. We believe this hit ABC show will resonate with many students and can provide opportunities for opening dialogue and discussion in the classroom. If you identify a clip that you think we missed, please contact us.