Teaching a Lesson


Phil decides to steal (what he believes to be) Luke’s bike to teach him a lesson, but then he loses it because he didn’t lock it up while trying to help a neighbor back into her house. Phil returns to the bike shop, but can’t get a break because he didn’t buy the insurance before.

Meryl is Just Okay


Cam is talking to a lady at Lily’s play class about movies to make small talk, and they have very different opinions on how talented Meryl Streep is. Cam loved her performance in Sophie’s Choice and has a hard time thinking about having to choose between Lily and Mitchell. While each person has their own subjective preferences when it comes to entertainers, nearly everyone faces the same struggle of having to decide between saving family members.

Choice Paralysis


Mitch and Cam have a house guest who made breakfast using the expensive caviar that they had been saving for a special occasion. While enjoying their wonderful meal, they realize that there are all sorts of things that they have never used because they were waiting for the perfect time. This demonstrates choice paralysis. Cam and Mitch have seemingly endless choices for when to consume these special things but they never actually do. Choice paralysis says that we have a difficult time making a choice when there are too many options. As a result, we cannot chose and end up with a sub-par outcome.

A Life of Leisure


While at work, Haley meets a leisure lover searching for a new husband who will die soon. The woman offers Haley a position as her personal assistant that includes getting paid for leisurely activities. Luke tries to convince Haley to stick with work because it’s better for her future, but she chooses the life of leisure.

Where is Joe’s Cape?



Gloria is sick and Cam tries to help around the house. Gloria’s family remedy for colds is a bit smelly and Cam accidentally uses Joe’s cape. Gloria points out that Joe has a strict ranking set when it comes to that cape and he even places the cape above his own father.

Coming Up Claire


Phil and Claire get a special coin made to determine decisions they disagree on. As a final decision, they flip to decide how to spend their retirement account. Unfortunately for the kids, the coin decides that they spend it on a beach condo.